Parametric skeleton model implementation in 3D Slicer

Dear Community,

I am currently working on developing an application for performing needle insertion (for biopsy) with a robot arm, so far i have been able to setup and control the robot arm thanks to your help, the next stage of my project involves loading a CT scan and being able to identify specific bone landmarks in order to provide insight for the needle insertion path and entry point,

for this purpose i am looking for something similar to a 3D Skeleton parametric model with pre defined landmarks that allows me to, load different CT scans and adapt this model to the specific loaded CT scan to then recognize and define constraints for the needle insertion (for example, for a specific organ the space between ribs 4-5 might be considered, and differently for other organs) , i dont know if this is already possible with a Slicer Module?

so far i just have come across segmentation techniques that can be combined into a script to achieve a similar output to what im looking for,

thanks in advance for your kind support

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