Physical distances in the slice view via python

Hello all,

I want to measure physical distances in a slice view (I previously reformatted the volume and zoomed in). I know I can set markers and get the physical distance with the line tool, but I would like to do it programmatically via a python script. Is there a way to transform the coordinates to physical distances? Or to know the size of a pixel in the slice view? Or to know the physical size of the slice view? Any option that would allow me to obtain physical units.


The simplest way would be to put some kind of Markups points at the locations you want to measure between. This could be control points for a MarkupsCurve or a MarkupsPointList, for example. Then the coordinates of these points in physical units are easily accessible and you can just calculate the euclidean distance between them.

import numpy as np
markupsNode = getNode('MyPoints')
pos0 = np.zeros(3) #  initialize variable to hold the coordinates of the first point
markupsNode.GetNthControlPointPositionWorld(0, pos0) # get coord of first point
pos1 = np.zeros(3) # initialize variable to hold coord of second point
markupsNode.GetNthControlPointPositionWorld(1, pos1) # get coord of second point
# Calculate the physical distance between these points (in millimeters because Slicer world coordinates are in mm)
distanceBetweenPointsMm = np.linalg.norm(pos1-pos2) 

The placed points can be in a single slice view or placed in 3D or placed on different slices, etc., it doesn’t matter. Slicer keeps track of everything in a physical 3D spatial representation.

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