Pial surface visualization

Operating system:Windows 10
Slicer version:4.8.1
Expected behavior:-
Actual behavior:-

Hi everyone,
I am looking for Slicer-module allowing pial surface visualization and parametric map overlays.
Searching on the web, I found QueryAtlas as suggestion, but unfortunately it is suitable for slicer 3 version.
Does exist any module similar to QueryAtlas available for slice 4 version ?
Thank you in advance.

Hi -

The QueryAtlas isn’t supported anymore and wasn’t ported. However loading pial surface and parametric maps should work fine.

I haven’t used freesurfer in a while, but I got some tutorial data from here and loaded lh.pial and lh.thickness as shown below.



Dear Steve,

thank you for your answering.

I know FreeSurfer works with pial surface and parameter map, but I was looking for specific 3dSlicer module.

Thank you.