Picking centerline endpoints via command line


I have been using centerline and network extraction in VMTK through the Python interface. For centerlines, I have been using the pickpoint GUI to set the start and endpoints for vessels, and I want to switch to specifying these points on the command line. I have tried passing in coordinates (in voxels and millimeters) to points in the vessel via the “pointlist” option, but the centerline fails to generate. Is there another option I should be using, or is there a specific format that the seeds need to be in?

If the seeds are required to be on the vessel surface and not just anywhere in/on the vessel, is there a way to get the closest point to the specified seed on the surface?

Thank you in advance!

What do you mean by ‘command line’ here ? Is it system console command line interface ? Python console inside Slicer ?
And how do you determine the endpoint coordinates ?

The command line would be a system console (Git Bash on Windows in my case); I am running the centerline extraction from a Python script using functions from vmtkscripts. The endpoint coordinates were landmarks labeled in advance using Slicer fiducials.

Ok, I won’t be of help here,

and even less here, sorry.