Place fiducial behavior in 4.11 stable - change from previous version

I did a quick search through past posts on fiducials (wow, there are a lot) but didn’t see this mentioned - apologies if I missed something.

In previous versions (as recent as 9-1 nightly, for example), after placing a fiducial, Slicer would automatically switch back to the “arrow” tool for rotating & translating, etc. In the latest stable, however, the program remains in “placing fiducial” mode. Is this intentional? Is there a way to toggle this behavior?


It sounds like you have “Persistent” enabled for markups. This is not a setting that persists across Slicer instances unless you had something in your slicerrc to do this.

Do you by chance have SlicerMorph installed? @muratmaga If someone types the letter “t” for changing a segmentation name or volume node name etc is this toggling persistent markups mode without a users knowledge?

I do have SlicerMorph installed! This now makes total sense. Thanks!!!

@hherhold, if you go to Application Settings->SlicerMorph you can uncheck to use SlicerMorph defaults.

I think we should document registered key shortcuts used in the core Slicer. I tried to look it up, but I couldn’t find a master document that has this. Are you aware of anything like that. That persistent toggle is a requested feature, but doesn’t have to be the ‘t’ key.

Slicer core keyboard shortcuts are listed here:

In addition to these, modules may specify additional shortcuts, which are described in each module documentation.

We could probably improve the documentation, but in the future we will be able to generate shortcut list dynamically, by querying displayable managers and module widgets.