Updating persistent mode

I’m currently working on a Markups update and would like to get some feedback. One change planned is to rename the “Persistent” mode something more intuitive.

A couple options suggested include a checkbox to enable “Place multiple” or “Multiple measurements” mode.

As an alternative, the persistent mode could be made the default, with a checkbox to enable “Place single” or “Single measurement” mode. With rotations now allowed in persistence mode and new menubar/keyboard shortcuts added in this update to end placement mode, toggling in and out of placement mode is simpler and needed less frequently.

Feedback on these or other suggestions would be very helpful.

I agree, Persistent isn’t really the right word here. I do like the idea of making it the default, so that Markups mouse modes work like window/level for instance. I was also thinking that having the Escape key bring you back to normal mouse mode would make sense.