PlaneToWorld: set position of plane to world coordinate system

Hello Everyone,

I’m trying to create a coordinate system relative to the femur. I have selected three points to create a plane which will now represent the new coordinate system.

Because i work with slicermorphs automatic registration (ALPACA) in order to get a transform from one position to another, i would like my new coordinate system to allign with the world coordinate system so i can measure this position change automatically in the new coordinate system.

From what i gather i can use the example given here to get a transform from plane to the world coordinates: Creating a new coordinate system - #16 by lassoan

So i create a plane “P” and insert the code snippet, however nothing happens. I’m sure i’m doing something wrong, some help would be great.

Thank you in advance

Based on Creating a new coordinate system - #27 by GL1984 it seems you have figured this out (i.e., that you can use the transformation matrix in a transform node and harden that transform - or its inverse - on your node), but if you still have questions then let us know.