Plus configuration to retrieve images from Verasonics US scanner and perform 3D reconstruction


I use a Verasonics ultrasound scanner which sends, using OpenIGTLink protocol, images to an other computer on which Slicer runs. On the Verasonics side I have a OpenIGTLink client (coded with Matlab, unfortunately I have to use it) and on the Slicer side I use the OpenIGTLinkIF module to create a server.

I now want to reconstruct 3D volume from the Verasonics images.
First question : is there a Slicer module that takes an image and a transform streams and compute a volume from them ?

My understanding is that such a module does not exit, I have to use Plus Toolkit to perform 3D reconstruction.
If my understanding is correct, in order to have Plus performing 3D reconstruction I have, inter alia, to create a device of type OpenIGTLinkVideo in the xml config file that Plus uses. The problem is such a device is supposed to be a server yet on the Verasonics side I have an OpenIGTLink client.
Second question : is there a way to tell Plus that it will receive images from an OpenIGTLink client ?

Thanks, Loïc

Unfortunately, volume reconstruction is only available in Plus. Slicer can act both as a client as a server (you can set it up in OpenIGTLinkIF module), so you can use it to act as a server to receive images from your Matlab code and allow PlusServer to connect: Matlab (Client) -> Slicer (Server) -> PlusServer (OpenIGTLinkVideo device). Going through an extra step may add some time delay but you can give it a try.


@Tiffas did you manage to perform 3D reconstruction ?
Is there any new tool for connecting Verasonics to Plus ?

Thanks for your help,

Without programming, the only way to acquire images from a Verasonics scanner is to use a framegrabber device. If you are willing to do some C++ programming then you can implement an interface for it in Plus toolkit. For more information, contact Plus developers at

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Hi Julien,

To perform 3D reconstruction with the Plus toolkit, Verasonics must send images which comply with the OpenIGTLink protocol. So I implemented functions in Matlab to send images in the OpenIGTLink format on local network. Then I used them in the Verasonics UDisplay function so that a newly reconstructed image is sent on the network. Finally I created a xml configuration file for Plus and it worked !

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I read again my original post, actually I was able to create a server on the Verasonics side.

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