Using Plus Server to allow live streaming in 3D sllicer

We’re trying to get live streaming in 3D slicer using Plus Server but we’re having a bit of trouble. We tried to follow the instructions under Show live images in 3D Slicer on this link: but were not able to get live streaming. Essentially, we launch Slicer without anything else, load an Image Reference mentioned in the link above and then follow the steps.

We’re currently using the Plus Server Launcher and in the instructions it refers to an Image Reference. We used the Image_Image.nrrdfile. We’re not sure if we’re missing a step or doing something incorrectly?

That document is a bit out of date.
In Slicer 4.10+, you need to download the SlicerOpenIGTLink extension to get access to OpenIGTLinkIF.

What config file are you using in Plus?

We are using the OpenIGTLinkIF module in order to set up our connection however, the steps we followed in how we used it were based on the link above.

The config file we’re using within Plus Server is the following xml: PlusDeviceSet_Server_OpticalMarkerTracker_Mmf. Should we be using another one?

With that config file, you need to create two connectors.

  1. Port 18944 – Transmits transforms for Optical markers
  2. Port 18945 – Transmits webcam as image called “Image_Image”

If you encounter other issues with Plus, could you submit an issue on the Plus github page and attach the Plus log file?