PNG data loading into correct orientation

Hi all,

I have a quick question about loading png data into the correct orientation. My png data are pelvic MRI in axial, sagittal, and coronal orientation in a separate folder. Therefore, I loaded each plane into the 3D slicer individually as a separate volume. However, the orientation is a bit weird once I selected the data in its correct orientation (please refer to the screenshot. When I selected the axial view for all three datasets, they look perfect. However, once I selected their corresponding view, the images looks a bit distorted. Does anyone know how to re-orientate those three datasets into their correct orientation without distortion of the images? Thank you!

Check out this section for advice on loading a stack of images as a volume

If you do need to manually adjust spacing then check Volume Information in the Volumes module:

Thanks for answering. I probably didn’t explain my question clearly. I will further explain this here. So I have 3 sets of png images which were the pelvic MRI in the axial plane, coronal plane, and sagittal plane. I added them into the 3D slicer as 3 separate volumes. However, the coronal images cannot be correctly displayed in the coronal plane; whereas, the coronal images can be correctly displayed in the axial plane (refers to the following screenshots). Also, once I adjusted the image spacing in the volume information, there was a distortion of the images. Are there any other ways to place the coronal images in the correct coronal plane without scarifying the resolution of those images? Thank you!