Point list performance is very slow with large point list

I am having quite a bit of slowdown with large number of points (500+)? Interactions are very slow, selection and any operations such as our MarkupsEditor, brings Slicer to almost stop. This is with the latest stable, both on Windows and Linux.

Try hiding the list of points. I posted about this a while back, can’t find the post now because I’m on my phone. Basically the list gets updated on mouse movements, or something like that.

Which version of Slicer are you using? There was a performance improvement committed recently which is available in latest Slicer preview. It is not present in current Slicer 5.0.2 stable.

OK. I am using the latest stable 5.0.2. Will this be backported to the stable?

Yes, see this comment from @jcfr about the fix being a good candidate for 5.0.3. Backports have not been integrated into GitHub - Slicer/Slicer at maintenance/5.0 yet, but they will be as part of the 5.0.3 release process.

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