Markups control points list window expandable? (v4.11.20200930)


I am working on the most recent stable release and have noticed the control points list window, within the Markups module, is more condensed then previous versions.

Is there a way to expand this window to be able to see more control points at one time?


Thank you!

I wanted to follow-up on this. Is there any way for me to modify the number of rows in the Markups fiducial list? Currently I only see a maximum of 7 rows.


I agree it would be nice to able to increase/decrease the control point table. meanwhile, did you try using the scroll bar next to it to see the additional points?

Yes, I’ve been scrolling but sometimes a patient may have >100 points… scrolling becomes tedious with only 7 points displayed at a time.

Could you describe what is your overall goal and particular needs are? Slicer core modules are very generic, they expose all possible options, and therefore they are complex, take a lot of space, and not optimized for specific use cases.

If we cannot figure out a solution that works well for your use case but also preserves generality of the core Markups module then you can create a landmarking module with fine-tuned user interface for your particular task. It is very easy to put together such modules, because you can use high-level widgets that Slicer provides using a visual user interface editor.

I think something is already being developed in SlicerMorph, but it may or may not be optimal for your workflow. @muratmaga is there a landmarking module in SlicerMorph? What are its main use cases?

Could the bottom of the markups panel contain a QSplitter to allow a user to expose a greater number of markups rows at one time. In previous versions of Slicer the Markups panel would allow a greater number of points to be viewed at one time:

Seems like in the new markups iteration there is a lot of empty space.

Currently we do not have a ‘landmarking’ module in SLicerMorph, we still use and teach how to use the core Markups module for anatomical LM collection.

@smrolfe is working on the ability to create blank LMs and be able to feed in a LM template to improve the experience. Once that’s done, we might visit the issue of having a simpler LM module with much fewer of the display features exposed (possibly with adjustable subject hiearrchy box and control table).