Prepare a coronary artery model for CFD simulation.

Hi There,

I am trying to prepare a coronary model for CFD simulation which requires to cut the branches of coronary artery nicely. The aim is to get the model as shown below:

As you can seen every branches have been clipped. When i try to do achieve this function in VMTK i used command line in Pype as:

vmtksurfacereader -ifile C:/Users/31860/Desktop/ModelProcessing/3-7/CoronaryArtery.stl --pipe vmtkcenterlines --pipe vmtkendpointextractor --pipe vmtkbranchclipper -ifile C:/Users/31860/Desktop/ModelProcessing/3-7/CoronaryArtery.stl --pipe vmtksurfaceconnectivity -cleanoutput 1 --pipe vmtksurfacewriter --pipe vmtksurfacecapper -ofile C:/Users/31860/Desktop/ModelProcessing/3-7/CoronaryArtery_capped.vtp -interactive 0

I have selected source and target as shown below:

The actural result is shown below:

As you can see, the coronary branches are good but the aortic root is not cut correctly. Let me know how can i imporve. Many thanks!

For any one who wanna have a try at the model, please find link attrached.


Operating system:Windows
Slicer version:Slicer 4.11.20210226
Expected behavior:Mentioned above
Actual behavior:Mentioned above