Trimming normal to boundary


I have a 3D model of a pulmonary artery generated in SimVascular. I am trying to add extensions to it, but first I need to clip the ends to open it. I would like to trim the ends just the tiniest bit to open them, and it would be ideal if this were done perpendicular to the inlet/outlet face. I’ve done this manually but I find it rather tedious (can do this if necessary, but it seems like VMTK would have the functionality to clip a small distance perpendicular to normal).

I’ve tried using the tutorial here: Prepare a surface for mesh generation | vmtk - the Vascular Modelling Toolkit
to automatically clip, but I cannot figure out its behavior as it seems to clip randomly. I’ve changed the numberofendpointspheres from 1 to 3, but vmtk freezes when I try to do 4 or more endpoint spheres.

I’ve also tried using “vmtksurfaceendclipper,” but it freezes too.

Another method I tried was to delete the caps in SimVascular, and then add flow extensions to that model in VMTK. However, the resulting vtp ended up with non-triangular elements, somehow? Which made simvascular crash.

Does anyone have advice for how to make this work? Experience with adding flow extensions and re-importing into Simvascular?

Thank you!

Maybe @chir.set can help. He has exposed several VMTK features in 3D Slicer’s VMTK extension - even a vessel clipping module recently (although you need end clipping not branch clipping).

Alternatively, you can also try Dynamic Modeler module in 3D Slicer. It has a number of clipping tools that may be usable. If the mesh integrity is good then automatically aligning the clipping plane could be automated easily.

Please check this thread throughout.

@DavidM wrote a module that does just that.

Alternatively, other manual methods are suggested in the thread pointed to.

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