PRISM Rendering Chroma Depth Perception not working

I am currently unable to use the Chroma Depth Perception with the sample data as per the tutorial. When looking at the error log, it is saying “Shader failed to compile”.

@lassoan You were thinking it is likely an API change in a newer version of VTK? Any idea how to fix this?

Slicer used:
OS: Windows
Preview 5.1.0-2022-05-08 r30927 / 1efef1b

Yes, there was an API change from VTK8 to VTK9 that impacted ChromaDepthShader. You need to replace computeLighting(c, 0) by computeLighting(color, 0, 0.0) to make it work with VTK9.

Would like to add that Prism rendering does not work as expected in 5.1-2022-05-10 in terms of “Plane intersecting”:
“Initialize Entry” and “Target Entry” add an ROI rather than a fiducial markup and there is no visible scissor effect in the 3D view.


Closing Slicer displays:


4.11 works well.

@drouin-simon could you have a look at these issues?