Problem loading png. in coronal and sagital vindows + Editor segmentation diabeled


I have encountered a few problems when loading png data and subsequently segmenting them.
I aim to segment a hippocampus from a set of png. images. When I load it into Slicer, the axial view port is all right but the sagital and coronal views are squished. I thought I need to adjust the z- distance, however that made no change. I therefore decided to only use the axial view to draw on in Editor using paint effect tool), however I cannot chose Input data and the Editor options are grayed out.
I am attaching screenshots of both issues.

Has anyone encountered similar problems and knows how to solve them?

Thank you!![squished_coronal and saggital view.PNG|690x475]Grey_editor

Hi -

You can adjust the image spacing in the Volumes Module and then convert with the Vector to Scalar Volume module to get a single (not RGB) volume for use with the Editor. If you use those keywords as search terms you’ll find a lot more discussion about this (including discussions of why png is not a good format for medical imaging).