Problem Q3DC extension

Hello friends, I installed the Q3DC extension in version 4.10.2 and 4.11.0 In the manage extesions menu if I can see the installed extension. but it does not appear in the Quantification section or when looking for it in modules. Help me please

Please uninstall and install again. Make sure you wait for the “Restart” button to appear and click that (instead of just closing the window). It may take a few minutes if the extension manager website is under heavy load.

Thanks for your reply Andras Lasso, but I already tried and I continue with the problem. Any other suggestion please?

We need to be able to reproduce the problem to help with it. Can you save the scene and share it along with a screenshot that shows which input points you selected in Q3DC?

You can upload to dropbox/onedrive/Google drive and post the link here; use data sets that you are allowed to share, such as any of the data sets in SampleData module.

I wonder if it was a failed install of some python packages that get downloaded from PyPI on startup for this extension. As seen in the code below it will download networkx at startup which also requires getting the dependent decorator module.

The extension should probably be updated to get these packages at build time like how SlicerRadiomics gets some python packages during the build process to package with the extension. Described in Install python library with extension or here. @James_Hoctor or @bpaniagua , it looks like you’ve been doing some maintenance on this extension. You might want to implement this change in the build process.

@crisandr Maybe try using PythonSlicer.exe which is found in your Slicer installation to uninstall/reinstall the packages or clear out any failed downloads in a cached location. Did you install Slicer into a writeable location where the use of slicer.util.pip_install("networkx") would succeed when using the python interactor in Slicer?

I will make this change to Q3DC. Thanks @jamesobutler for making an issue for this on Github, and for the links.

If these lines are at fault, then there should be some sort of error message from slicer.util.pip_install printed in the Python Interactor. Does it make sense to ask @crisandr to check the Interactor on Slicer startup to try to verify that this is the issue?

Thanks for your responses, I used ashampoo uninstaller to clear all installation logs, reinstall the program and extension, then restart Slicer3d and the antivirus detected a threat but check as an exception.

I don’t know if that has anything to do with it but it already works

It is available when typing Q3DC in the search box on the top right or when going to the “Shape Analysis” category

Module will be available in the Modules menu only after the corresponding extension has been installed.

I am not familiar with ashampoo, uninstalling Slicer is possible from windows “Settings -> App & Feature”

After installing Slicer and configuring your antivirus adding the relevant exceptions, which error message to you get when you try to install and then Restart Slicer ?

Consider the extension is build and packaged on Linux, macOS and Windows, it should be available in the extension manager.

This is now tracked in we will increase the complexity of the extension build system after we have a better understand of the problem @crisandr is experiencing.

Since both networkx and its dependency decorator have wheels (see here and here), I would prefer not changing the build system of the extension yet.

Finally, as it was suggested in Q3DCExtension#22 by @jamesobutler, install of scipy with slicer.util.pip_install has been removed in PR Q3DCExtension#25

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