Slicer 4.6.2 and missing DCMQI


With Slicer 4.6.2 (downloaded on Windows from the extension DCMQI is not available from the Extension Manager.
Is it a known issue ?

Multiple extensions seem to depend from it and they don’t properly load at startup.


Does it work in the latest nightly version? Can you use that? I’m not sure if the team has the bandwidth to investigate issues on 4.6.2 version.

Yes, it does work in the latest nightly version, thanks. And I can use it, no worries. I just wanted to let you guys know :slight_smile:



@finetjul I am not sure it has ever been available in “stable” 4.6. To confirm this, I searched the git logs for the 4.6 branch, and didn’t find any indication it has ever been there.

We added DCMQI and QuantitativeReporting right before RSNA to the nightly release at the time, and that was after the “stable” was cut.

@fedorov It would be ok if DCMQI is not a Slicer 4.6.2 extension. The problem is that some other extension (e.g. DICOM QR) are available as Slicer 4.6.2 extensions but they depend on DCMQI: they fail to be installed/loaded because they need DCMQI.
But maybe those extensions (e.g. DICOM QR) shouldn’t also be part of 4.6.2

Hmmm … QuantitativeReporting should not be in 4.6 either - see I don’t know why it is showing up for you!

But there is Reporting.s4ext which seem to be related.

You can find below the content of the file C:\Users\Julien\AppData\Roaming\NA-MIC\Extensions-25516\QuantitativeReporting\share\Slicer-4.6\QuantitativeReporting.s4ext downloaded by the 4.6.2 extension manager

# First token of each non-comment line is the keyword and the rest of the line
# (including spaces) is the value.
# - the value can be blank

# This is source code manager (i.e. svn)
scm git
scmrevision 135a06e

# list dependencies
# - These should be names of other modules that have .s4ext files
# - The dependencies will be built first
depends SlicerProstate DCMQI

# Inner build directory (default is ".")
build_subdirectory .

# homepage

# Firstname1 Lastname1 ([SubOrg1, ]Org1), Firstname2 Lastname2 ([SubOrg2, ]Org2)
# For example: Jane Roe (Superware), John Doe (Lab1, Nowhere), Joe Bloggs (Noware)
contributors Andrey Fedorov (SPL), Christian Herz (SPL), Csaba Pinter (Queen's), Andras Lasso (Queen's), Steve Pieper (SPL)

# Match category in the xml description of the module (where it shows up in Modules menu)
category Informatics

# url to icon (png, size 128x128 pixels)

# Give people an idea what to expect from this code
#  - Is it just a test or something you stand behind?
status Work in progress

# One line stating what the module does
description Support of quantitative image reporting with DICOM

# Space separated list of urls

# 0 or 1: Define if the extension should be enabled after its installation.
enabled 1
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You are right, this is super confusing - I do see both in the Extension Manager:

I don’t know how this happened, but at least at the moment, only Reporting.s4ext is present in the 4.6 branch of ExtensionsIndex, and it points to, and it does not have a DCMQI dependency:

@jcfr or anyone else who has the expertise in the workings of the extensions - how can we fix this? Why is QuantitativeReporting showing up in 4.6 extensions list, and (more importantly!) how to remove it from there?

Removing a description file from the index does NOT automatically remove associated extensions from the Slicer appstore. It needs to be explicitly removed.

Should I remove the following Reporting extension with Slicer r25516 (4.6.2):

Before doing so, do you want to archive the extension packages or upload them as release into the QuantitativeReporting project ?

@jcfr what should be removed is all versions of QuantitativeReporting extension from Slicer 4.6 “stable”. It depends on dcmqi and a version of dcmtk that are NOT available in 4.6.

I am not sure how it ended up there - it must be my fault adding it by mistake (or lack of thought), although I can’t find adding QuantitativeReporting in git history.

I think that the nightly build following the release was probably still based on the same revision.

@fedorov That said, as soon as you confirm, I will remove these packages:

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JC, it is still a mystery for me how it happened, but yes - confirmed - please remove those packages!

@jcfr I see you removed the packages in question - thanks! - but when I start ExtensionManager from Slicer “stable” 4.6, I still see QuantitativeReporting in the search results. What else needs to be done to make it go away?

Look like their was issue with the removal of metadata associated with items. I will manually update the database.

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@jcfr please let me know if you updated the database - the extension still shows up in the ExtensionManager.

To conclude, following the Slicer 4.8 release, QuantitativeReporting does not show up.

@jcfr you mean in 4.6.2?

@fedorov You are right. Since 4.8 has been released, we should be all set.

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