Problems about ShapeAnalysisMANCOVA output——FDRP VS FDRP_original

Operating system:Linux 14.04 LTS
Slicer version:Slicer-4.8.1-linux-amd64, spharm-pdm_v1.12_linux64
While doing ShapeAnalysisMANCOVA, I encountered some problems. I used the ShapePopulationViewer to view the results. I do not know the difference between FDPR and FDRP_original. Why is the color bar of FDRP 0-100? I looked it up and still didn’t get it.If it is convenient for you, could you help me? I attached some pictures.

Dear Dr. Huang,

Shapeanalysismancova is no longer maintained. We are looking into making a new release with a new shape statistical package in the next weeks.

I will make an announcement in this forum.

Thank you,

Thank you for your timely reply and generous help!

Thank you for your time and generous help !

Best wishes!

Han Zhuang

From China, ShangHai