Problems in version 5.6.0

I update slicer to version 5.6.0 and some error occured.

1.Maximize or restore views by double click of left key of mouse stopped working.
2.“patient name” not showed in DICOM database.

Would you check and repair those problems?

I can confirm (1), that views do not get maximized by double left click.
Funny enough it has stopped working in 4.11 too … ?!

But It worked in last version of 5.5.0.
At first I wander if It was caused by the update of MacOS system, but other software still work well with double click. So I think that maybe It was caused by the update of slicer.
The function of Maximizing or restoring views can also be done with clicking of the button in the view control bar or right-click menu.
But double clicking is more convenient for me.
Hopeful for its return!

This has been addressed and the fix will be integrated as part the upcoming patch release 5.6.1

For reference, see New feature: maximize view - #16 by jcfr

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@jamesobutler now that the styling infrastructure is improved can we easily make the bar thinner?

@hepato Can you provide more info on the missing patient name issue?

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not happened in old version.

I can confirm that 5.6.0 on Linux DOES show the patient name. The error probably lies in the study identification where this field was missed. Reading another study may help.

try again, still missed

@hepato please link to a public dicom study that replicates the issue.

I resolved that problem when I deleted all the files (ctkDICOMTagCache.sql, ctkDICOM.sql) in dicom database.
Maybe some old files in dicom database were not deleted when I uninstall the slicer.
Sorry to bother you and thanks for your answer!

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Thanks for reporting back. We’ll keep an eye out for any similar issues that come up with the dicom database infrastructure. It’s been around for a long time and is pretty reliable but we are looking at upgrades to improve performance and reliablility.