Problems with general registration elastix

Good afternoon,

I try to use “General Registration Elastix” module extension but it tells me

Volume registration is started in working directory: /Volumes/Slicer-4.10.2-macosx-amd64/
Register volumes…
Error: Command ‘elastix’ returned non-zero exit status 254

I don´t know what that error means. I have installed 4.10.2 version for MAC.

Thank you!

Is there any other relevant information displayed in the log ?

You are running Slicer from a read-only working directory, you need to move Slicer to /Users/YourUser/Applications/ . This will solve all your problems

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Hi Jean
No, only showed me this.
Thanks for answer to me.

Hi Alex, I am running Slicer from a /Users/Your User/Applications/ and doesn’t work. I think that there is other problem.

I think this problem has been fixed recently. You need to update SlicerElastix extension (or uninstall and reinstall SlicerElastix).