Problems with Load Data from a directory

Operating system: Windows 10 Pro
Slicer version: 4.10.2
Expected behavior:The red slider scrolls through the images
Actual behavior: Adjusting the red slider does nothing

First of all thank you for your help, I am probably missing something basic. Here are the steps I am following:

  1. Open up 3D slicer.
  2. Click on the Load Data button.
  3. Click on the Choose Directory to Add button.
  4. Browse out to my directory and click on the Choose button.
  5. Click Ok on the Add data into the scene dialog. I then temporarily see a Loading progress bar.
  6. I then see an overlay with the name of the 10th image file, along with with part of the 10th image in the red slider panel.
  7. If I drag the red slider, the image draws centered once and then nothing changes no matter how much I drag the slider.

Additional note: The png files are 14 bits deep and of size 1104 x 1104. They open normally in Windows Paint. The associated calibration factor (sCAL) is 0.37u/p. The images were captured by a Cellomics CX7.



If you uncheck “Single file” option and file names are similar then Slicer will load the entire image stack. See detailed instructions here:

You might also want to try the ImageStacks module from SlicerMorph:

@pieper could you add a note about imagestacks module to the readthedocs page?

@lars12345 just keep in mind the SlicerMorph is only available for v4.11 but not for stable. So you will need to use a preview version.

I was able to import my images with SlicerMorph > ImageStacks after updating to the 4.11 pre-release. Thank you very much for the help.