Problems with Python console tab completion

With recent python console changes I’m having difficulties using [TAB] to inspect available methods from the python console. I’m getting output upon pressing [TAB] which then breaks things up that I’m trying to type. It constantly prints out this error output when I type a new letter in the example below.

I’m using Slicer as of COMP: Fix Qt dependencies for application update · Slicer/Slicer@9a56f64 · GitHub.

Auto-complete works by evaluating the expression. It has been always having side-effects but now that we display errors in the Python console, this side effect is more visible.

Maybe the simplest would be to suppress all outputs during these auto-completion evaluations. Please submit a Slicer issue and set its target to 5.2.

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Following the integration of the Slicer pull request #6638 integrating CTK changes from @lassoan and tested by @jamesobutler , the autocomplete behavior has been revisited:

Before After
image image