Project Week 27 Information (MIT, Jan. 8-12, 2018)

Planning and contact information:

Background information

What is a project week ?

The Project Week is a week-long hands on activity in which medical image computing researchers create solutions using the open source image computing platform, 3D Slicer, and VTK, ITK, and CMake libraries. Participants work collaboratively on solutions that lie on the interfaces of the fields of computer science, mechanical engineering, biomedical engineering, and medicine. In contrast to conferences and workshops where the primary focus is to report results, the objective of the Project Week is to provide a venue for creators of medical image computing open-source software creators to collaboratively work.

How does it work?

Weekly videoconferences for preparation begin 8-12 weeks before an event. Potential participants propose projects during these meetings, and collaboratively create a list of projects that are of mutual interest. The projects include platform work, algorithm development, and biomedical applications. Through the course of the meetings, each participant selects one or more project teams and develops goals for the week. The first day of the Project Week itself begins with a 2-hour in-person introduction to all projects and participants. The rest of the week consists of a mix of working sessions and breakout sessions on special topics, as decided by the participants during the preparatory meetings.

Who can attend?

Project Weeks are open to all and publicly advertised. One-day participation is permitted for first-time attendees, but rest stay for the entire event. Email announcements are sent to the Project Week mailing list.

Who should attend?

This is harder to determine. Your best bet is to send an email (see below) or attend a preparatory videoconference.

What else?

The Project Week series was founded in 2005, along with the National Alliance for Medical Image Computing (NA-MIC), which was chartered by the NIH to build a computational infrastructure for biomedical research. Today, Project Week has become one of the major events in the calendars of several NIH-funded Center efforts. Participants in Project Week include NAC, NCIGT, QIICR, and OCAIRO. As of 2014, Project Week is also a MICCAI endorsed event.