Project Week 35 starting on Monday - how to navigate the week

Dear members of the Project Week community,

We are just a couple of days away from Project Week 35, the first virtual edition of Project Week to include team work on projects. The response of the community has been fantastic and we have an exciting lineup of projects and presentations.

The final version of the program is now online on the Project Week 35 website. Here’s a few instructions on how the week will unfold:

  • All sessions except for work in project teams will happen on Zoom. You can join the zoom sessions using this link.
  • Monday morning, 10-12 (UTC-4), we officially start the week with introduction and project presentations. We go back to the good old recipe of in-person Project Weeks where each team delegates one of its members to present the project in a maximum of 2 minutes . Make sure your project page is ready and any image you want to show is up there. There will not be enough time to share your screen, we will simply share your project page on the zoom session.
  • Work in project teams will happen throughout the week. A Discord server has been set up with a voice/video channel and a text channel for every project on the main webpage. You can use the channels to coordinate the work of your team. It is recommended to hold a first meeting of the team on the voice channel of the project before or after project presentations on Monday, depending on the geographical distribution of your team members. Please do everything you can to accommodate all team members in terms of schedule, especially the ones with family constraints living in time zones that are less favored by the schedule of Project Week.
  • The program includes optional introductory lectures (8-9:30 Tue-Wed-Thu) and breakout sessions (10-12 Tue-Wed-Thu), all happening on Zoom.
  • Note: an additional breakout session on augmented and virtual reality will be held on Monday morning (9-9:45) BEFORE project presentations .
  • We will end the week with project results presentation. Again, each team will delegate one member to present their results in a maximum of 2 minutes. We will use the project page as a visual support for the presentation, so please make sure it is up to date with your latest results by Friday morning.

As mentioned during the preparation meetings, please set aside the whole week for Project Week if possible, as if you were attending the meeting in person. A more intense participation will benefit everyone.

Looking forward to see you all on Monday!


Simon Drouin and Tina Kapur

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