Project week MIT

Would like to ask how can we register for project week and what all is required. Is it like a training course or we can work on out specific project.


Hello, very glad to hear that you are interested in attending the summer project week. We will post details about it here in March. We will start with preparatory video conferences in April and the registration website will open in May. The registration fee is expected to be about 350 USD.

Does this help?

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Sarv, More in project week: It is very much a week of working on projects of common interest. Not a training course.

If you’d prefer a training course, we’re organizing the Slicer Bootcamp again this year at Queen’s University (Kingston, ON, Canada) from May 1 to 3. Attendance is free.

It slightly does. Thanks

My main question is: Can I come with a specific task that I am trying to accomplish and work upon on that with a mentor. The reason is I don’t have engineering background. I am an end user, a radiologist and wish to develop and refine my ongoing cardiac segmentation.

Or it’s like a general training course. If yes what is the usual course work, like how the days are divided in general.



Exactly this is the idea for people like you. You first attend some project week tcon’s where you pitch your project, discuss it, and establish a tentative plan and list of experts involved. Then you register, add your project in the project list, and add those experts to the project. Then at the project week, you present your project on Monday (so more people may join if they find it interesting), then work on it during the week with the help of the others, then on Friday you present what you achieved. There are no courses, only optional breakout sessions in various topics, and it’s more like a hackfest/workshop.

Sarv, We’ve had several physicians join project week over the years to present their problem, and to make connections with the open source developer community. Depending on how far you need to travel from, you may really enjoy it. I’d highly recommend that you join at least a couple of prep videoconferences for the summer Project Week in April and discuss your specific project with the people who already have expertise in cardiac segmentation and are planning to be at PW. Feel free to send me an email at as well.

Thanks Csaba.
I definitely look forward for attending the project week. I think the workflow is designed appropriately and would certainly help me achieving the goal.