Put a fan-shaped mask to an image displayed in a slice view

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I have a CT volume displayed axially in a slice view. On this volume I perform different kind of algorithms (this is not the point now) to produce ultrasound-like images.

My question is, how can I apply a mask to convert (or to shape) the slices into a fan-shaped slice, like the (convex) ultrasound images look like?


The easiest is probably to create a mask image and use it to mask the processed CT:

  • Create a mask image: it can be a single-slice volume that is non-zero inside the fan and zero outside
  • In slice view controller: select mask image as background, and the CT as foreground imagecontroller
  • In Volumes module: apply thresholding to the mask volume to hide voxels that has zero value - this not only hides mask volume contents but also the foreground
  • To move around this slice: apply a transform to the mask image, and use mask image as Driver in Volume Reslice Driver module (available in SlicerIGT extension)

Cc: @dzenanz @thewtex

It is possible to create the mask by inputting a uniform image to the SlicerITKUltrasound extension module for a curvilinear array or a 3D phased array.

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