Put vtkImageData on Red Yellow Green view


I want to put an vtkImageData on the RGY view….
I already initialized my image data like this:

	img->AllocateScalars(VTK_DOUBLE, 1);
	for (….)
		for (….)
			img->SetScalarComponentFromDouble( …...);

It give me (let’s suppose ….) an orange square in a test renderView.
I want that orange square to be on a certain position on the red view in Slicer, like this (photoshoped result):

So i face two problems …
Get the redView and manipulate it
A correct way to set bounds…

My current result:

(Not really beautiful…)

I reach that point with that code:

qSlicerLayoutManager* layoutManager = qSlicerApplication::application()->layoutManager();

vtkRenderWindowInteractor*  interactor  = layoutManager->sliceWidget("Red")->sliceView()->interactor();
vtkRendererCollection *rendererCollection= interactor->GetRenderWindow()->GetRenderers();

//ImageActor is my vtkImageData red square

Any ideas ?