Python codes for diffusion module

Hello Developers,

Firstly, Thank you for being such a helpful community.
I have just started working on Slicer I have had few options for the platform but so far slicer works well for me.

I can find the codes for Slicer Modules but I really could not find the python source codes for Diffusion Modules. Are they available? I actually want to see the implementation.

Thank you for your help.

You can see all of the SlicerDMRI extension source code here:

Thank you for your response. I have checked this repository. There are some source codes in c++ but unfortunately I could not find any Pyhton codes of the modules.
Specifically for interactive Tractography seeding I could not even find C++ source code.

thank you so much for your response.

All of the code is there. You just need to look around a bit. For example here’s interactive seeding.

Sorry for this question, Thank you so much for your response.