Python Debugging in Visual Studio 2017 (ptsvd)

Hi all,

I am quite new to slicer development and I am trying to create a small slicelet in Python. Therefore I was trying to attach the debugger in Visual Studio 2017 as described here:

When trying to attach though I also end up with the error “…make sure that ptvsd.enable_attach() has been called…”.
I tried to use the Python Debugger extension as well as manually calling “enable_attach” and “wait_for_attach”. I also tried the release as well the nightly version of Slicer. I also made sure to have the newest version of ptvsd which is 3.2.1.

Any ideas what could be wrong here? Or is VS2017 simply not supported?


Visual Studio remode debugging server version (ptvsd-2.2) that was bundled with the DebuggingTools extension was only compatible with Visual Studio 2013 and 2015. I’ve now added ptvsd-3.2.1 as well, so now you can use VS2017, too. The updated extension will be available in tomorrow’s nightly build or you can download it now from github.


Thanks for updating the ptvsd. I will give it a try asap!

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