PythonQt unnamed `typedef` build warning

I am wondering about the plans to update the PythonQt version so that the below warning can be removed from all builds, including the extensions:

D:\D\P\S-0-build\CTK-build\CMakeExternals\Install\include\PythonQt\PythonQtClassWrapper.h(66,16): warning C5208: unnamed class used in typedef name cannot declare members other than non-static data members, member enumerations, or member classes (compiling source file D:\D\P\S-0-build\CTK-build\CTK-build\Libs\Core\generated_cpp\org_commontk_CTKCore\org_commontk_CTKCore_module_init.cpp) [D:\D\P\S-0-build\CTK-build\CTK-build\Libs\Core\CTKCorePythonQt.vcxproj] [D:\D\P\S-0-build\CTK-build\CTK.vcxproj] [D:\D\P\S-0-build\CTK.vcxproj]

It can be seen in e.g. CDash (Items per page: All; look for: C5208)

If I’m not mistaken PythonQt is pulled from
GitHub - MeVisLab/pythonqt: Dynamic Python binding for Qt Applications

The issues seems to have been solved 2 years ago:

Seems like it will be an error in C++20.

Thank you