Qt GUI for windows tor run on macs

Operating system:Windows 10
Slicer version: 4.10.1
Expected behavior: GUI to run also in MAC
Actual behavior:GUI runs in windows

I created a GUI using Qt (e.g. to make different windows and push-buttons) and a python code to run these Qt files. I added it to slicer as an extension (following the instructions in “Developing and contributing extensions for 3D Slicer”). I also had to modify a bit some files from slicer (within bin for instance launchersettings and application executable). It runs nicely in my computer but I would like others to use it.
What it does is basically to provide the user with an interface where she(he) can select files that contain “mrmls” which the user can explore further.
I imagined that by changing the 3Dslicer configuration on each user computer (and adding the python script)it would work but it didn’t (I’m still checking if I didn’t skip any file), specially on macs. Do you recommend another way to provide a QT made GUI? or even change the way to do the GUI itself?

Thanks in advance!

See how to implement custom applications or slicelets here. Does this example work on your computer?