Quantification of Porosity from micro CT scans

Operating system: Mac OS Catalina
Slicer version: 4.10.2
Expected behavior:
Actual behavior:

Hi guys,

I have a bmp dataset of micro CT scans (1.3 mm diameter, 600 nm = 1 pixel resolution).
I would like to quantify porosity (pore size, pore distribution, pore density).
Would it be possible to do with 3D Slicer? If yes, could anybody tell me how?

Many thanks,


You can probably get some good results with the texture metrics in SlicerRadiomics. If you really need to count each hole it would be harder.

Could you provide more details on how to go about using Radiomics to visualise features like microporosity, macroporosity and texture on the surface of bone from 3D CT scans using Slicer? My study is aimed at just visualizing the same and not quantifying any of it.

Probably the best is to refer to the material here: https://www.radiomics.io/