Question about the Name of the column in the Table

Operating system: Windows 10
Slicer version: Slicer 4.10.1
Expected behavior:

Actual behavior:

I draw ROIs manually using Segment Editor module, and then calculate the ROI volumes using Segment Statistics.
The attached Table appeared after the calculation.
I would like to know whether the ROI volumes, which I need, are in the column named Volume (mm3) (1) or that named Volume (mm3) (2).
In addition, I would like to know the difference between Volume (mm3) (1) and Volume (mm3) (2), and the meaning of them.
I appreciate your time and kind advice.

The topic below should answer your question. If not, then let us know.

Dear Dr. Andras Lasso,

Thank you for your kind information.
I could understand the difference between them.


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