Question on using Mask volume

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To retain only green and exclude red from a volume like below

I’m using the Mask volume option.

I’ve selected the segment (e.g. segment_3, see below) > Mask Volume and used the default
options provided to create a new volume.

However, I couldn’t see only green in new volume( renamed: 10umvolume) after I click Apply.

I’m not sure if I should be changing the default options (e.g. Editable area) to display only green in the new volume that will be created after using Mask Volume.

Any suggestions?

MaskVOlume just creates a new volume with the masked region only. It doesn’t turn off what’s being displayed on the 3D rendering window, nor automatically switch to masked volume. You will need to do that.

Turn off the visibility of existing segments/segmentations, go to volume rendering, find the masked volume recently created, and hit the eye icon next to it.