Radiomic features with identical values

Dear Community Members,

I do not have too much prior experience with pyradiomics, so sorry for the dull question.

I have several features with identical values and I’d like to know if it’s ok, or not.

In Gray Level Size Zone Matrix (GLSZM) Features:
Small Area Low Gray Level Emphasis (SALGLE) is equal with Small Area High Gray Level Emphasis (SAHGLE) and with Zone Entropy (ZE).

original_glrlm_ShortRunHighGrayLevelEmphasis and original_glrlm_ShortRunLowGrayLevelEmphasis and original_glszm_GrayLevelNonUniformity are also equal.

Is this normal?

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Any help would be appreciated.

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I’m not sure, please take a look at the diagnostic features. Is there adequate range of gray values in your image? are you using a corresponding bin width (about 1/10 to 1/100th of the firstorder range)?

Dear Joost Van Griethuysen,

Thank you for the reply. I’ve postes some 6 months ago so I have to take a closer look on Monday to answer all your questions.

But again, thank you for the reply.