Reading probed values for volume elements


After using Probe volume with model, is there any way that I can export the HU values of the elements in a readable format? I need them for FE analysis.

p.s. I can see that slicer.util.array() can be used for reading values on each slice, but I’m not sure about how to read the values for the volume elements.

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I’m not sure what format the FE analysis requires, but you should be able to access the per-vertex values with something like arrayFromModelPointData(n, "NRRDImage") where n is your model node and NRRDImage is your array name from Probe Volume with Model. Then you can write it out in whatever format you need.

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Thank you Steve for your reply. Yes, then I can use the nodal values to calculate the values at integration points that I will need in FE analysis.

For completeness of our FE, is the source code for Probe volume with model available, so that I can look at the algorithm for calculating the nodal values?



Please have a look here:

Thank you Mauro.