How to convert model node (points) to Volume node?

Hello Dear Developers and Users

I have a model that contains 48425 points or cells. These points are the result of sampling of pulmonary vessels in CT images by the Chest Imaging Platform (which are known as particles system) .

The following figure is a representation of these points in 3D CT space.

This model has the following scalars (with certain size matrices):
scale(1X48425), val(1X48425), hmode(1X48425), hevec0(3X48425), hevec1(3X48425), hevec2(3X48425), h0(1X48425), h1(1X48425), h2(1X48425) and hess (9X48425).

I want to make/create a volume node of this model with the same dimensions as the CT matrix whose pixel values of this volume node are equal to the values of one of the scalars mentioned above (e.g. scale or hevec0) in the positions of each particles in this model.
The figure shows the list of these scalars.

Please guide me.
Best regards.