Reconstruct 4D cine-MRI from different groups

I am trying to reconstruct a 4D view of a ventricle givens some medicals mri.
I found a previous discussion (SlicerHeart/Docs/ at master · SlicerHeart/SlicerHeart · GitHub)).
The problem is that I have 14 different slices each on containing 30 frames but they are separated in 14 different groups (1 for each slice).
I was trying to apply the procedure suggested in the previous discussion, but I cannot load all the images together.
How can I solve it? I need to have all the volume and time frame in one unique file right? Or does exist another way to do it?
Thanks a lot for your patience

You’ll need to provide more detail about your data, like whether it is in DICOM or some other format.

yes the file are dicom