Refinement of stl files


I saved a .stl file of the portal vein system from my CT scan. So basically a .stl file is a 2D surface mesh of the geometry. The thing is, this mesh which I have generated is very fine having very small elements. I do not want such a refined 2D file. Is there any way to control the refinement of the file?

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If you are using the “Model Maker” module, you can reduce the number of triangles during surface generation with the “Decimation” parameter.

Optionally, you can post-process with MeshLab. They have a number of pre-made filters for polygon reduction.



See also the Surface Toolbox:

I am using segment editor followed by the segmentation module!

In Segmentations module, you can reduce number of triangles in the surface mesh by the following steps:

  • click Update button in the Closed surface row in Representations section
  • click Binary labelmap -> Closed surface path
  • double-click on the value in the Decimation factor line, and enter a value of 0.8 (value between 0.0-1.0; the larger the value, the less triangles you’ll have in the mesh)
  • click Convert

You can convert from Segmentation to Model node by using the Export/Import segments section and then use Surface toolbox module to further smooth or decimate the mesh.