registration and label statistics

Hi everybody,
I am using 3Dslicer4.10 on windows 10 and I am experiencing a strange behaviour when I want to quantify voxels content values after registration between 2 images.
In short:
2 volumes are registrated with 2 procedures (rigid, non-rigid). I rapidly segmented one of 2 with Editor tool to get a labelmap with just one label. To get counts inside my label, I used Label statistics. Swaping the transform on registrated image doesn’t affect results in label statitics whereas it does so when performing the same operation by importing the labelmap in Segment editor tool. Do I missed something ?
Here is a bundle that contains the 2 datasets and registration transform:

Best wishes

Editor module has many limitations (for example the one that you have noticed). Use Segment Editor module and Segment Statistics modules instead.

Thank you Andras, I finally came to the same conclusion.