Relicensing Slicer source for ITK

ITKGrowCut is very similar to GrowFromSeeds editor effect in Slicer. They maybe even originated from the same source.

If I were to translate vtkImageGrowCutSegment into ITK, do I need to also add Slicer’s license in addition to ITK’s license? If I were to do that, can we remove the corresponding code from Slicer and use the filter which will come with ITK as a remote module?

Hi @dzenanz - Yes, I would guess they are basically the same.

For fairness you should cite Liangjia’s repository, and also this work on which it was based. As I understand it the original GrowCut visited every voxel in every iteration where the FastGrowCut only visits voxels where there was a change from the previously iteration. It would be good to capture the whole history in the readme or somewhere, citing all the way back to the original paper.

As a practical matter the algorithm itself is very simple so possibly none of the Slicer code was used when Allen Tannenbaum’s group created the FastGrowCut version which is mostly about optimizing the bookkeeping, but several of the files in Liangjia’s directory do have headers that say they are under the Slicer license. They appear to be the autogenerated ones so arguably they may not count, but there are no other licenses that I can see.

If leaving them under the Slicer license is a problem for ITK then I doubt anyone would complain if you switched to the ITK license. Sadly not all of the authors are available to make this trivial task of just asking everyone.

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Does anyone know who is harveerar? He added the original GrowCut segmentation.

cc: @harini (

I am harveerar. I added the original GrowCut. And I am a she/her :slightly_smiling_face:



Sorry about assuming wrong gender. Do you know why is your username not hyperlinked in the log like many others? Is Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center correct affiliation for the time when you developed itk::GrowCutSegmentationImageFilter?