Integration of Fast Growcut extension for 3D slicer

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Subject: Inquiry on Integrating Fast GrowCut Software with Latest 3D Slicer Version

Dear 3D Slicer Developer Community,

I am currently working on a project that involves utilizing Fast GrowCut software for segmentation purposes. However, I have encountered challenges in integrating Fast GrowCut with the latest version of 3D Slicer (version 5.4.0). Despite my efforts to find an extension or plugin for Fast GrowCut in the Extensions Manager, I have been unsuccessful. I would greatly appreciate any guidance or information on how to effectively use Fast GrowCut within the latest 3D Slicer environment. If there are specific steps, scripts, or alternative methods that could facilitate this integration, your expertise would be invaluable. Thank you for your time and assistance.

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Dr Shreyas Reddy K
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How is the version you are working on different than what’s already in Slicer?

FastGrowCut is available by the name “Grow from seeds” in Segment Editor module.

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