Reloading Training Models in MONAI Label


I am relatively new to using 3D Slicer and MONAI Label. I am currently learning how to do training on the deep edit model from scratch with data of my own. I have a couple of questions that I’m hoping could be answered by someone more knowledgeable than me:

  1. Is there a trick to reloading projects after closing 3D Slicer? There are times when I have begun training the model on one day, come back to resume the next day and some aspects have not reloaded. Despite opening the server on the same data set as previously, some aspects like the accuracy bar will still be loaded while the progress bar on samples for the set will have reset itself.

  2. How are labels managed? In manual training, I am using the segment editor to create the labels for the structures I want, applying them to the image, and then submitting to the server. I see that a folder for labels is created in the dataset folder when I do this but the subfolders for Original and Final labels are never filled with any kind of file. I am clearly missing something here so any help is greatly appreciated.

Thanks so much for any help you are able to provide. I am also open to any tips and tricks to ease the learning curve so please share whatever you think I could benefit from.