Removing "Closed Surface" from seg.nrrd image header Line: Segmentation_ContainedRepresentationNames

Removing or giving the option to bypass “Closed Surface” Representation of Segmentations in the image header of seg.nrrd files on the line “Segmentation_ContainedRepresentationNames”

The Corresponding Line in the Header is:
Segmentation_ContainedRepresentationNames:=Binary labelmap|Closed surface|

Like this if you save a file with Closed Surface Representation active, you can bypass them on loading it a new. If you can’t somtimes the file is impossible to load or takes a long time. this would allow for a workaround.

This has really bothered me too. In fact, in my local build I have changed the code so that this flag is ignored. We have discussed it at developer meetings but haven’t reached agreement yet on the best behavior. I would prefer to disable this feature completely, but another option would be to provide a UI option to disable. it Yet another option would be to put building of surface models in a separate, cancelable thread, like the legacy Model Maker so that the model building time won’t make the application hang. Putting the lablemap to surface model converter in a separate thread (basically into a CLI) would also help the workflow for people who leave 3D on when editing in the Segment Editor and then get slow update times.