Rendering artifact


I am experiencing rendering artifacts in a custom vtk renderer/render window in a dialog box.
I manually load an obj and a texture and want to display this. The result is as follows:
When I use the same code, but add the actor to one of the standard slicer 3d views, the result looks like this:

Does anybody know where this difference could come from?

thanks in advance

The artifact does not look familiar. If the problem is not reproducible in Slicer views but it is reproducible in a stock VTK renderer outside Slicer then it may be better to report it on the VTK forum.

I didn’t find the root-cause for the artifact, but I managed to remove it.

The object in question basically only has two colors. So I initially created the texture mapping such that triangles of the same color would map to the same texture coordinates. This means that texture coordinates of the same-color triangles overlapped. This is when I saw the artifact.

I changed mapping such that each triangle now has its own space on the texture (i.e. no overlap anymore), and the artifact was gone.

I will post this also in the VTK forum.