Rendering method

Hi, when rotating a Volume within the ‘volume rendering’ module, the detail shown in the render drops to a low level and then takes time to render back up to full resolution. Presumably this is down to the computational power avalible, therefore I’d like to change the rendering option from ‘VTK CPU Ray Casting’ to something else that uses the GPU, however there are no other options in the drop down box on the pannel on the left nor in the setting control box.

Can someone give me some help / advice to get the settings changed or otherwise increase rendering performance.


Hi Phil,

Could you try with the nightly build available at ?

As depicted on the screenshot, you should be able to select between CPU and CPU method.

Le mardi 11 juillet 2017 15:11:02 CEST vous avez écrit :

to something else that uses the GPU

But GPU rendering is the most efficient way, and you might even need ‘Maximum
quality’ for a good experience. You will need an adequate driver for the GPU
in any case, on any platform.