The program (4.7.0 nightly) is slowly working in my notebook. What sould I do?

My operating system: Windows Ultimate 7 64 bit, 2.66-2.93 (Turbo) Ghz, 256 Gb SSD, i5, 6 Gb RAM.

The program is slowly working or freezing in processes of volume rendering, 3D model imaging etc.

What sould I do ?


If you have a dedicated graphics card in your laptop, then changing the Rendering option in Volume Rendering to VTK GPU Ray Casting will make it much faster.

While there are a few computationally intensive operations that may take time, in general Slicer can quickly process and visualize common data sets on average hardware.

If you need more helpful answers we need more information from you. What kind of data you load, how large, what do you do with it, what operations are slow?