Resample Image (BRAIN)

Hi everyone, I need to know how Resample Image (BRAIN) module works. I use it and its works very well but I need more information about the functionality. I was looking for more information but I only found this link and it’s not enough

Im working with PET image and im using ATLAS image like a reference. I choosed float for pixel type and i used Linear Interpolation Mode. Someone know how the algorithm makes the resample?


The module uses ITK ResampleImageFilter under the hood, but it has a few tricks to improve usability, speed, and quality for some special cases (e.g., in-place transformation of composite linear transforms, resampling binary images as distance maps, automatic background value computation, etc.). Its main logic is implemented here.

Thank you!! I have an other question, does this module take into account any percent error?

Could you rephrase this question, provide more details, or maybe explain it with a drawing?

I used Resample Image (BRAIN) module for a PET image by referencing the brain atlas image downloaded from 3D slicer. I chose ‘float’ as pixel type, and when it comes to warping parameters I chose a linear interpolation mode. In the link that you had sent to me, I could see that the algorithms use already established functions such as the itResampleImageFilter.h. I would like to know if this function contemplates a certain percentage of error, and if so, what is the calculated percent error?

I still don’t understand how a function can “contemplate a certain percentage of error” but since this class is implemented in ITK, it is better to ask for details on the ITK forum.