Rescale type attribute when creating DICOM series


I’m using Slicer to create a downsampled CT series, and I was able to do that just fine, except that it appears the “Rescale type” attribute was changed from HU to US. Due to that I cannot export the images anymore in the other program I’m using (Treatment Planning Station).

Is there any way to keep this attribute unchanged, or to revert it back to its original value ?

Thanks !


Good question - I guess you mean this attribute. I don’t know that we have any easy want to control for that right now.

Probably the best I can suggest would be to write a small loop using pydicom or directly use dcmodify to change the tag in each file.

There are a couple of ways to export DICOM series from Slicer. What method do you use?


Thanks Steve, yes this is the attribute (0028,1054). I’m not familiar with pydicom but I’ll give it a try. In the meantime I was able to do it on another program (Dicomworks) but it would ne nice and easier to do it from Slicer.

Andras, to export I simply go to the data menu to display the subject hierarchy, then right-click the volume and select “Export to Dicom…”

@gcsharp @cpinter Do you know if there is a reason why rescale type is set to US during DICOM export? Could the value be changed to HU?